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Easyrig Minimax

Easyrig Minimax
Key Features
  • Support for Small Video Cameras
  • 4.4 to 15.4 lb Payload Range
  • Lockable Camera Hook with Spring
  • Redistributes Camera Weight
Ideal for documentaries, news, events, and more, the Easyrig Minimax is designed for productions requiring extensive handheld camerawork with cameras weighing 4.4 to 15.4 lb. Rather than uncomfortably handholding your camera and supporting the weight with your arms, the Minimax redistributes the weight of your camera setup through the body harness. Taking the weight off your arms enables you to hold the camera steady for longer periods of time while reducing fatigue.
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Easyrig Minimax Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2
  • 3Increased Stability
  • 4Pivoting Arm
  • 5Adjustable Weight Range
  • 6Carrying Case
Ideal for documentaries, news, events, and more, the Easyrig Minimax is designed for productions requiring extensive handheld camerawork with cameras weighing 4.4 to 15.4 lb. Rather than uncomfortably handholding your camera and supporting the weight with your arms, the Minimax redistributes the weight of your camera setup through the body harness. Taking the weight off your arms enables you to hold the camera steady for longer periods of time while reducing fatigue.
Increased Stability
  • The Minimax not only redistributes your rig weight but also increases the stability of your shots.
  • The support cable, while transferring the weight to the harness, also adds a point of contact, reducing vibrations.
  • A redesigned spring system results in smoother cable movement with reduced friction.
  • A conical wheel unrolls the rope with increasing force as it is unraveled. 
Pivoting Arm
  • The pivoting upper arm is borrowed from the Easyrig 3 Cinema model.
  • The pivot enables you to swing the camera to the side or even have it sit on your shoulder.
Adjustable Weight Range
  • Turn the knob at the back of the Minimax to adjust the rig to your camera weight.
  • An overload protection system will trip if the maximum weight capacity is exceeded. 
Carrying Case
  • Includes a duffle-style case for carrying the Minimax from one location to the next.

Easyrig Minimax Specs

Stabilizer Type
Vest System
Load Capacity
4.4 to 15.4 lb / 2 to 7 kg
Camera Mount
35.8 to 39" / 91 to 99 cm
26" / 66 cm (Folded)
7.8" / 20 cm (Folded)
12.5" / 32 cm (Folded)
5.1 lb / 2.31 kg
Vest Weight
2.4 lb / 1.09 kg
Belt Size
32 to 55" / 81.28 to 139.70 cm
Suspension Line Length
43.3" / 110 cm
Packaging Info
Package Weight
12 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
26.5 x 15.3 x 12.6"

Easyrig Minimax Reviews

Life saver!

By Eric
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2023-09-15

I used to hardly use my Easyrig Minimax because I couldn't get smooth motion walking with it attached to my RS3 Pro and Tilta Ring. This definitely is a game changer and will be using it way more often, makes it very smooth and I get to save my back.

Just one little issue

By Matthew
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2023-08-10

I thought the Easyrig Minimax Stabil was great but it has one issue that I wish would be addressed in it's successor whenever that comes around. The maximum payload should be greater. It's surprising easy to max out this thing. In fact my most basis setup rests at 14.2 pounds. That leaves me with either 0.8 - 1.3 pounds left because this thing somehow has 3 officially listed max payloads.... Anyways by just adding 2 more small items that I won't always need on it but sometimes certainly may need on my rig I reach 15.6 pounds which is over the highest of the 3 listed max payloads I've seen. It seems to still hold up well though. But I have plans to add even more things such as in the future get a new camera that weighs half a pound more and add some focus and zoom motors since I'm using a Tilta Advanced Ring Grip and DJI RS3 Pro with it. And I'd like to reach a career point where I'm doing bigger jobs where I give the client a monitor and hook up a video transmitter on the rig as well adding even more weight. Anyways in the end I'm still using all the common lightweight prosumer/ indie level tools so I'm a bit surprised I'll have to move up to a much more expensive professional Vario 5 with Stabil G3 11-38lb payload to fit my needs. I could keep it and push my luck but I'd rather not be outside the return period when I realize I actually can't go 3-4 pounds above the limit. Which is why I wish this thing went from 4.4 to 18-20 pounds instead. That would make this easyrig an absolute beast of a tool that lets you use super lightweight stripped down cameras and well built indie rigs with all the bells and whistles you might need.

Incredible piece of gear

By Thomas Kovacik
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2023-08-03

Worth every penny! Back feels great after long days of shooting I may need the vario 5 as my rig is near the top of the payload (with cine lenses)

A spectacular piece of gear for fluid motion.

By Nick
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2023-05-15

I was on the fence for some time. I waited and saved. I am sure glad I did. I was doing a commercial for a Lube Center with the owner waking in front of 6 car bays. I was walking sideways and trying my best to bend knees and not bounce etc. I was moving quite a bit. I played back the 25 sec walk and talk and was blown away. It was what I have been looking for a long time. It is 90% of a gimble on an arm. The 10% is a plus because I did a 180 degree turn to end the commercial. The arm does really eliminate the Z or up and down motion. It is still present but with fluid motions. The client was very happy and I have a new sales angle. I can walk around an entire business to show their products. I called easyrig to ask a couple of questions. Yes, I did have to call Sweden. They answered the phone and all my questions. Great product with excellent customer service. I have and Tilta advanced ring on it and the combo works fabulously. It is all mechanical and will last for a very long time. It is a big investment. I have shot with the DJI RS 3 pro with two side handles. I can tell you that you will never be able to get the shots fluid smooth shots without the stabil arm and the gimbal. The one outstanding feature of the rig it that it saves your arms and back. Wow oh wow. I finished the shoot and put the rig down and was not sore. My back, forearms, chest and back were saved. I would usually be sore and feel it the next day. The rig is going to save me from a LOT of soreness and pain.

Awesome piece of gear

By Lockwood
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2023-05-01

I really love using this easy rig. I have used it as a more handheld look with just the camera and a monitor and also used it with the tilt a ring on a full gimbal. It really helps take the weight and pressure off your neck and shoulders and allows you to operate for much longer periods of time. I do wish it was a little bit higher up above your head, and that the upgrade to the one that absorbs the bounce wasn't so much higher of a price point.

Looking silly never felt so good

By Jeffrey
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2023-04-19

If I were to play my grumpy old man card, it would be to complain about how cameras used to be these big shoulder carried affairs with big viewfinders and stuff. I have a Canon C70, and it's fantastic, but you need an external monitor to focus. That's heavy. I can say though after two long days of shooting stuff that this rig is a game changer for me. I just don't get tired. I labored over the decision to buy, but I can assert that it's totally worth it. I can't say for sure, but I bolted on a quick-release ball to the angle handle on a Ronin RS-2, and while you will get some Z-axis bounce, more measured movement is possible and fairly smooth. It isn't perfect, but gimbal slinging hurts in a hurry, and this does help. Just don't expect a smooth shot if you try to run with it.

Good for Canon C500 lightweight build

By Anonymous
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2023-09-11

I bought this to use on some documentary shoots where I don't have time to switch back and forth from a gimbal. C500, Canon zoom or Zeiss Prime, Smallrig follow focus, 90wh Core Battery & Sony wireless audio receiver just barely make it under the max weight capacity. No tool necessary for adjustment and packs nicely into a softbag I can fit inside a larger suitcase for travel. I know this is the lightweight version of this item, but I wish it included padding on the belt all the way to the buckle. If you use it for many hours in a day, you'll definitely get some strap burn on the abdomen. Also wish it included a pouch for accessories. All in all very satisfied with this purchase.

Tough choice: save the money or finally enjoy work?

By Ibrahim Onur
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2023-09-07

When I started using my Ronin-M gimbal with the quite heavy Nikon Z9, 24-70mm lens, full-sized cage and an external LCD monitor combo, I quickly realized I am no Arnold and can't do this for more than 30 seconds at a time. It was difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. I had tried other more affordable gimbal support systems but none worked for all the scenarios. Some even caused more bouncing compared to just hand held recording. I was even considering to sell my Ronin-M. At that point, I decided to just spend the money and buy a complete system that would solve all the issues. It came down to either having static shots only or spending the money so I could record what I really wanted to record. The Easyrig Minimax with the Stabil arm may seem to be overpriced at first but you definitely get what you pay for. It solved all my bouncing issues which used to happen no matter how carefully I walked. I usually shoot outdoors so that happens a lot. And my back and arms are no longer sour for 2 days after the shoot. Now I can literally work non-stop for hours without any suffering, have an enjoyable day, and pay more attention to the task of recording. It takes some adjustment and getting used to it just like any other product. It seems to work better if I am moving faster. I can see a slight bounce if I walk slower but I believe that just means I need to adjust the tension a little to fit the situation. If you are serious about using a DSLR/mirrorless on a gimbal, then this is the product to have.

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