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Profoto Diffuser for OCF Beauty Dish

Profoto Diffuser for OCF Beauty Dish

B&H # PR464282 MFR # 464282
Key Features
  • Softens Light Similar to a Softbox
  • Silk or "Shower Cap" Design
  • Attaches Quickly to Collapsible Dish
In Stock
Godox RFT-14 Standard 7.1" Reflector with Bowens Mount

Godox RFT-14 Standard 7.1" Reflector with Bowens Mount

B&H # GORFT14 MFR # RFT-14
Key Features
  • 60° Beam Spread
  • For Strobe, LED, and Fluorescent Lights
  • Bowens Mount
  • Silver Interior
In Stock

Profoto Zoom Reflector 2

B&H # PRZR2 MFR # 100785
Key Features
  • Accepts Profoto Grids Directly
  • Smoother Spread of Light
Temporarily Out of Stock

Profoto Clic OCF Adapter II

Key Features
  • For Profoto A-Series Flashes
  • Allows Use of OCF Light Modifiers
  • Pivoting 5/8" Stand Adapter
  • Umbrella Mount
In Stock

Westcott Beauty Dish Switch by Manny Ortiz (36", Silver Interior)

B&H # WE2548 MFR # 2548
Key Features
  • Silver Reflective Interior
  • Rapid Change (Switch) On/Off Flashes
  • Durable Metal Frame
  • Heat-Resistant Fabric
In Stock

Westcott Rapid Box Switch Insert for FJ200 Strobe

B&H # WE2545 MFR # 2545
Key Features
  • Allows Pairing or FJ200 with Rapid Box
  • Inserts for Other Brands and Speedlites
In Stock

Studio Essentials Standard 7" Reflector and 4-Honeycomb Grid Bundle

B&H # STMR7G102 MFR # MR7G102
Key Features
  • 1 x Standard 7" Reflector
  • 1 x Each: 10, 20, 30, 40° Grids
  • Narrows Beam Spread
  • Controls Spill Light
In Stock

Westcott Rapid Box Switch / Beauty Dish Switch Insert for Profoto Flash Heads

B&H # WE2539 MFR # 2539
Key Features
  • Durable All-Metal Construction
  • Quick, Secure Attachment
In Stock

Godox Pro Beauty Dish (Silver, 21.3")

Key Features
  • High-Contrast Effect
  • Bowens Mount
  • Center Deflector
  • Diffusion Sock
In Stock

Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

B&H # PR100772 MFR # 100772
Key Features
  • Adjustable 55-85° Beam Angle
  • For B1X, B1, B2, B10, D1, D2 Flash Heads
  • 1.2 Stops More than Built-In Reflector
In Stock

Profoto OCF Beauty Dish (Silver, 24")

B&H # PR101221 MFR # 101221
Key Features
  • For B10 OCF Heads
  • Collapsible and Lightweight
  • Creamy but Crisp Quality of Light
  • Requires Speed Ring
In Stock

Godox S-Type Speedlite Bracket for Elinchrom

Key Features
  • Maximize Flash w/ Elinchrom Accessories
  • Tilting Bracket with 5/8" Receiver
  • Non-Scratch Mounting w/o Touch-Fasteners
In Stock

FotodioX Pro PopSpot Ultra 7" Reflector

Key Features
  • For PopSpot LED Lights
  • 35° Beam Angle
  • Good for Umbrellas & Long Throw Work
  • Profoto-Style Mount
In Stock

Westcott Switch Insert for FJ80, Profoto A1, A1X, A10, Godox V1 Speedlights

B&H # WE2544 MFR # 2544
Key Features
  • For Rapid Box Switch, Beauty Dish Switch
  • Durable, Dependable Metal Construction
  • Quick, Secure Attachment to Rapid Box
In Stock

Angler Quick-Open Folding Beauty Dish for Bowens (White, 33")

Key Features
  • For Strobe and LED Monolights
  • 33" 16-Sided Folding Beauty Dish
  • Reflective White Interior
  • Integrated Locking Support Rods
In Stock

Godox 8.3" Standard Reflector

B&H # GORFT13 MFR # RFT-13
Key Features
  • 65° Beam Spread
  • Bowens Mount
In Stock

Impact Background Reflector for Impact/Bowens Mount Strobes

Key Features
  • Use for Background or Backlighting
  • Silver Interior
  • Gel Clips
Reg. $74.95
Save $35.00
Limited supply at this price
In Stock

Angler FastBox Softbox Adapter for On-Camera Flash

Key Features
  • On-Camera Flash FastBox Adapter
  • One-Touch Lock Softbox Mount
  • Fast and Simple Assembly
  • Lightweight Plastic Construction
Reg. $49.95
Save $9.99
Limited supply at this price
In Stock

Elinchrom Standard Reflector (8.25")

B&H # EL26171 MFR # EL26171
Key Features
  • Accepts Honeycomb Grids
  • Bayonet-Locking System
In Stock

Angler Beauty Reflector (22")

B&H # ANEG55 MFR # EG-55
Key Features
  • Neutral White Interior
  • Soft but Crisp Quality of Light
  • Ideal for Fashion or Portraiture
  • Natural Catchlights in Subject's Eyes
Reg. $139.95
Save $70.00
Limited supply at this price
In Stock

Angler Quick-Open Folding Beauty Dish for Bowens (Silver, 33")

Key Features
  • For Strobe and LED Monolights
  • 33" 16-Sided Folding Beauty Dish
  • Reflective Silver Interior
  • Integrated Locking Support Rods
In Stock

Westcott Switch Beauty Dish (24")

B&H # WE2520 MFR # 2520
Key Features
  • For Speedlights and Strobes
  • Collapsible Design, Deflector Plate
  • Removable Front Diffuser
  • 13 Brands of Optional Inserts Available
In Stock

Godox AD-AS Adapter for AD300pro

Key Features
  • Necessary to Mount the SN04 Snoot
In Stock

GTX STUDIO Wall Storage Adapter with Bowens Reflector Mount

B&H # GTGSR1424 MFR # GS-R1424
Key Features
  • Studio Storage Solution for Bowens-Type Reflectors
Special Order
Expected availability: 2-4 weeks

Godox Long Focus Reflector for AD400Pro Flash Head

B&H # GOADR12 MFR # AD-R12
Key Features
  • Ideal for Long-Throw Work
  • Godox Mount
In Stock

Elinchrom Basic Grid Reflector Set with 30° Grid (7")

B&H # ELBGRS18 MFR # EL26060
Key Features
  • Spring-Loaded Grid
  • Grid Narrows Beam Spread
In Stock

Godox Reflector for R200 Ring Flash (Silver Interior)

Key Features
  • Provides Directional Output
In Stock

Impact 27" Beauty Dish Reflector

B&H # IMBD27 MFR # BD-27
Key Features
  • Soft but Crisp Light Quality
  • Offers Contrast and Texture
  • Natural Catchlights in Eyes
  • Optional Mounts for Most Studio Flash Brands
Reg. $179.95
Save $90.00
Offer ends Jan 31 at 11:59 PM EST
In Stock

Impact 20" Beauty Dish Reflector Kit

B&H # IMBD20K MFR # BD-20K
Key Features
  • White Interior Beauty Dish
  • Includes Deflector
  • Optional Adapters for Most Brands
  • Includes Diffusion Sock
Reg. $161.95
Save $62.00
Offer ends Jan 31 at 11:59 PM EST
In Stock

Aputure LS1200 Series Reflector Kit

B&H # APLS1200 MFR # APB0249A33
Key Features
  • Three Bowens Mount Hyper Reflectors
  • For LS 1200d Pro & LS 600c Pro Lights
  • Narrow, Medium, and Wide Beam Angles
  • Increases Brightness
In Stock
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Improving Your Photography with Reflectors

Reflectors are a core tool that photographers from beginner to professional should add to their photography gear.  Reflectors, such as your lighting umbrellas, can make a big difference in the quality of the images you produce. Light reflectors are an inexpensive way to add creative versatility to your equipment cache.

What's a Reflector?

A reflector is a tool that has a reflective surface used to redirect light. It's an indispensable and a versatile tool that helps improve lighting during your photo shoots. Understanding how you can manipulate light to give you the best images will help you chose the right light reflector for your gig.

Reflector Features

Different types of reflectors include umbrella reflectors, magnums, beauty dishes, standard types, and telephoto reflectors. Each has its unique features and advantages. Standard types, for example, may use sock diffusers and honeycomb grids to reflect light to bounce cards. Some must-have features of a quality reflector:

  • Offers both texture and contrast
  • Soft light, but crisp
  • Lightweight and collapsible (preferably aluminum construction)

Reflectors provide several benefits, especially if you enjoy taking outdoor photos or portraits, as they can block out distracting light and redirect shadows. They also offer many advantages compared to similar tools like flash units that use speed rings.

Reflectors vs. Other Tools

While there are many tools that can affect or improve the photos you take, reflectors have some unique characteristics:

  • There's no need for batteries or recharging
  • They provide a natural tone that you can alter with the color setting of the shoot
  • They may include sock diffusers that enhance images for both still-life and portrait photography

Many reflectors come with other accessories that simplify their usage. Some of these extras include umbrella adapters, light stands, sandbags, brackets, umbrella holders, and more.

When it's time to add to lighting tools to your photography arsenal, check out B&H Photo and Video for light reflectors, umbrella diffusers, accessories, and more.