Used Mobile

Shopping for Used Mobile Devices

Used mobile devices are fully functional communication electronics that are available at different price points. Choose a used model for an affordable, pre-owned device that likely works as good as new. This product category also includes wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Why Buy Used Phones?

The savings are a big reason to opt for used cell phones. Often, top-of-the-line models receive the steepest price drops. These models have the biggest screens, the most impressive cameras, and the highest storage capacities. Paying less for a mobile device also makes you less anxious about losing or damaging it. New phones are so expensive that breaking them can be costly.

What to Consider When Buying a Used Cell Phone

Key factors to consider include carrier compatibility, operating system, screen size, performance, and memory. Find a phone that'll work on the network of your preferred carrier, or one that has good coverage in your area. Unlocked cell phones make it easy to choose any network carrier. The two major phone operating systems are Android and iOS. Go with iOS if you want an iPhone and want seamless compatibility with other Apple devices. Android offers more phone choices and deep integration with Google apps and services.

When comparing different phones, consider their processors and RAM sizes. Screen sizes, RAM, and storage capacity vary between devices. Screen sizes vary greatly across all phone types. Choose a larger screen if you frequently stream video on your device. For storage, look for a phone with at least 64GB of capacity if you plan to download a lot of apps, or if you want to store large amounts of pictures and videos locally.

Essential Cell Phone Accessories

The most important accessories are cases, screen protectors, chargers, cables, portable power banks, and headphones. Cases and screen protectors safeguard mobile devices from scratches, dings, and cracks in the screen. To save some money, consider used cell phone cases, chargers, and other reusable accessories. Lens kits, selfie sticks, and gimbals are also essential accessories for those who love taking photos and videos.

How to Choose the Right Smartwatch

Consider operating system and device compatibility when shopping for used wearable tech. The three major smartwatch operating systems are Android Wear, watchOS, and Tizen. For the best experience, use Android Wear devices with Android phones and choose an Apple Watch running watchOS for your iPhone. Samsung Gear watches run Tizen, and they integrate well with the brand's flagship Galaxy phones. Other important factors to consider include display, water resistance, GPS, and activity tracking.