Profoto Light Modifiers

Working With Profoto Light Modifiers

Light modifiers help photographers improve their lighting during shoots. With Profoto light modifiers, you can set a particular mood, highlight specific areas, reduce harshness, and accomplish much more with your lighting setup. Profoto is a brand known for creating advanced lighting tools that focus on simplicity and easy setup, without sacrificing quality.

Types of Profoto Light Modifiers

The type of light modifier you need depends on the type of shoot. Umbrellas, beauty dishes, and barndoors are a few examples of light modifiers or light-shaping tools.


If you want something that fits with virtually any type of light, consider Profoto umbrellas. Lighting umbrellas are highly versatile, and you can use them to create a wide range of effects. Some popular styles include silver or white reflective, shoot-through, or convertible.

Beauty Dishes

Beauty dishes, also known as dish reflectors, come with either silver or white interiors. White creates a softer effect, while silver provides a harder light with higher contrast. Use Profoto beauty dishes for portraits and fashion shoots. Dish reflectors can help you create contrasting light on the faces of your subjects, such as highlighting cheekbones to create a shadow effect known as "butterfly lighting."


Barndoors allow you to create effects that are similar to light shining through a half-opened door, producing unique and dramatic shots.

Using Profoto Softboxes

Softboxes come in many different shapes and sizes, including square, rectangle, and hexagonal. The larger the box, the more diffused the light. Use this versatile tool for portraits, product photography, group shots, and many other lighting jobs. You can fit Profoto softboxes with grids or snoots, which will give you even more control while maintaining softness. Using honeycomb grids with softboxes creates focused beams of light. When you use diffusion filters with softboxes, you can create special effects. Profoto softboxes are easy to set up and feature many customization options.