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The world of Telescopes Explained, Refractor, Reflector & Cassegrain

Telescopes and Astronomy Gear

B&H offers a wide selection of equipment for your sky-watching needs. Find telescopes, eyepieces, mounts and more.

Refractors and reflectors are the most common types of telescopes. Less common include catadioptrics with both reflective and refractive optics, and solar telescopes from leading brands like Orion and Celestron. Deciding which model is right for you depends on your budget, portability requirements, and experience level. High-end options typically offer the most features for seasoned users; however, entry-level selections can still achieve fascinating images.

Types of Astronomical Telescopes

Rather than shopping for the fanciest model money can buy, think about how you'll use a telescope. Occasional users might find low-maintenance refractors a good fit, as they feature streamlined construction and overall reliable performance. Refractors capture detailed views of the planets and the moon, making them ideal for everyday viewing.

If you're hoping to see deep-sky objects like galaxies and nebulae, consider reflector models such as Cassegrain or Newtonian telescopes—these typically require more skill and maintenance to operate in the long run, yet offer deeper views compared to refractors. Those looking to capture glimpses of extremely dim objects may also want to consider oversized Dobsonian telescopes that they can mount and transport by trailer or install in dedicated observatory spaces.

Catadioptrics combine the functions of refractor and reflector telescopes into a highly portable, easy-to-use device. While not as powerful as Dobsonians when it comes to the dimmest of objects, catadioptrics let users view both nearby and deep-sky objects, providing a well-rounded glimpse of the sky and beyond.

Telescope Mounts and Tripods

Whether you're interested in casual stargazing or complex astrophotography projects, choose telescope mounts and tripods that help ensure optimal stability and sharp image quality. Select astronomical telescopes that come with tripods, or try stand-alone optical tube assemblies that work with a variety of supports. Lightweight tripods and carrying cases work well for frequent travelers, while heavy-duty tripods and anchoring piers provide maximum support for more robust models.

Mounting equipment includes alt-azimuth models, which have two-axis mounts for supporting and rotating, and equatorial models, which compensate for the earth's rotation with an orbital axis that's parallel with the earth's rotation. Some products come bundled with a tripod, including motorized models that can help minimize vibration while taking long-exposure shots. Select units also feature computerized controls with preinstalled object databases, ensuring more accurate tracking of celestial objects.

Eyepieces, filters, and accessories

Complete your setup with a variety of telescope accessories. Solar and planetary filters aid in safe and enhanced viewing of sky objects. Finder scopes make it easy to aim telescopes at specific locations. Eyepiece sets accommodate a range of near and deep-sky viewing. Red-light flashlights allow for easier reading in low-light settings. Safeguard equipment against the elements with dust and dew-resistant shields. You'll also find a range of software, cleaning products, and replacement parts.

Whether you're an amateur astronomer or a veteran stargazer, you can find an extensive selection of telescopes and accessories at B&H Photo and Video's astronomy store.