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Buying Stage Equipment

Stage equipment is a broad term that covers specialty items used in performances or events. These units achieve effects like 3D, fog, bubbles, lighting patterns, and other crowd-pleasing visuals. They also include helpful stage accessories such as gaffer tape, gripping gloves, paint, and brushes for creating props and backgrounds. Smaller, travel-size options let you take these selections on the go for quick setups, while larger versions give theaters or stages a permanent way to play up a production's significance.

What Stage Equipment Works Well with Lighting Units?

Fog and haze machines may be your first choice, but they're not your only option. Refracting light is easy when you pair rigs with bubble machines. The constant flow of shimmering bubbles gives light an unpredictable look that matches kids events and one-of-a-kind film screenings alike. If you're looking for more than the spotlight, special effects projectors provide full landscapes that are as broad as the imagination.

Can Photography Equipment Become Stage Equipment?

Photography equipment can absolutely double as stage equipment. Photography lighting equipment uses many of the same principles you see in stage lighting. If you have a limited amount of time to get ready or just want something that travels with you, smaller studio light kits might be what you're looking for. These kits are arguably some of the most versatile choices among standard studio equipment selections thanks to their more compact designs. Backdrops are also great for concerts or theater-quality productions that require only minimal settings.

Are Fog Machines Safe for Indoor Use?

Yes, fog and haze machines are safe for both indoor and outdoor use with stage lighting equipment. They do not produce enough water to damage electrical equipment, and inhaling the fog is safe because it is either water-based or produced using non-toxic chemicals. When paired with fans, the fog moves around the performance space and never lingers in one spot. 

Other Stage Equipment Accessories

One of the best ways to update your equipment is by adding creative special effects stage accessories. Focus on accessories and products that are approved for use with your equipment. Visual aids give you creative spots to project certain landscapes or videos. Standard photography studio equipment items like snowflakes or rain match up with selected moods in your performance. If you want a fog machine, think about the fluids you'll need to accomplish a certain motif. While some productions want low-lying clouds, other want a thin mist that quickly rises. Either way, check into the fluid's regular consistency for the best match. These important details are clearly listed on the label of any bottle so you can choose the right product for your production.