General Lighting Accessories

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LED Flashlights, Indoor Lights, and Other Lighting Options

When deciding on your lighting needs, you can choose from LED flashlights, reading lamps, bike lights, and many others, which all come in handy for finding lost or dropped items, extending work or leisure time, and keeping safe while on the streets at night. If you're searching for accessories to make your lighting job easier, explore options like cables and cable management accessories, portable outdoor lighting, and grip gloves.

Different Types of Flashlights

In addition to illuminating dark places, handheld flashlights serve a multitude of functions. Their portability is ideal while hiking and working, for maintenance tasks, and in emergencies. LED flashlights are one of the most popular choices available since their bulbs are more efficient and often brighter than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Headlamps allow for hands-free use, while keyring and mini lights are perfect when you need quick light in a pinch.

Other General Lighting Options

Book reading lights are a fitting choice when you want to enjoy a novel at night without disturbing others trying to sleep. Since they're small and portable, they're useful for traveling, camping, or vacationing. Clip-on book lights allow you to have both hands available to hold a book and turn a page.

For those who like to cycle, bike lights are ideal options for low-light conditions, and also for safety while riding at night. Bike tail lights let drivers behind you know you're there, while front-facing bike lights act as a headlamp to help you avoid obstacles in the way.

Lighting Accessories

If you work with lighting equipment, some essential accessories include grip and work gloves for protecting your hands and offering improved grip for setting up, dismantling, and general handling of light fixtures and stands. They come in different styles and vary from fingerless leather gloves to spandex and temperature-resistant gloves.

Stainless steel safety cables can help to safely hang lighting gear. Fasteners, wraps, and ties make managing and organizing cables simple and convenient.